Athletic and sporting events

From a simple run, annual marathon, or cycling race to a large multi-sport festival, ClearThunder can streamline all types of athletic events. ClearThunder has streamlined the registration process for large, multi-sport events including:

Badger State Games, Iowa Games, State Games of Mississippi, Florida's Sunshine State Games, Wyoming State Games, Subway Commonwealth Games of Virginia,
Transplant Games of America, Sooner State Games, Meijer State Games of Michigan, and Cornhusker State Games.

Specific features for multi-sport event success:

  • Sub-events or sessions Segment independent sporting events under one main event
  • Custom fields Create custom forms to collect T-shirt sizes, emergency contacts, and more
  • Group & Team registration Participants can register multiple individuals or teams for one or more sporting event
  • Group placeholders ClearThunder can assign a placeholder account for each missing team member
  • Event limits and restrictions Enforce gender and age restrictions for different sporting events
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  • Full access to manage your custom events

    With the ability to streamline multiple events in one online location, ClearThunder is more than your standard registration system. For example, the State Games events bring in thousands of athletes from multiple sports such as skiing, basketball, figure skating, golf, archery, wrestling and more.

    ClearThunder’s features assist event organizers in administering these independent sporting events under one large umbrella event.

  • Support to help set up your event

    ClearThunder's top-notch features will make it easy to collect all the information necessary for your events! Upon request, we can help track and analyze transaction details, participant lists, event revenue, exporting report statistics, creating custom reports and much more.

    The friendly staff at Clarity Technology Group, Inc. is available Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST to answer questions about the use of ClearThunder. After-hours support options are available upon request.