Create your event with custom designs and tools

Whether you’re looking for a standard template to begin or a customized appearance, ClearThunder gives you the power to create a unique event site with advanced functionality.

Attractive site branding

The sky is your limit! Our graphics team will work with you to design a look and feel that is unique to your organization and event. Brand your event by incorporating logos and color-schemes that match your organization’s website and make an eye-catching event - a great way to increase participation! Your registration site will soley showcase your event as ClearThunder does not crowd registration with our own advertisements or logos.


  • Automatic limits & restrictions

    Set up your ClearThunder registration to automatically manage open and/or close dates and times, gender restrictions, age limitations, and more based on your event's specific activities.

  • Build forms & customize waivers

    Build event forms with custom fields to acquire specific information from your participants. Choose from a variety of question formats and add a description for each question to provide clarifications and more details.

  • Flexible pricing system

    Maximize your event participation with online coupons, gift cards, and pricing schedules to promote discounted or special rates. Automatically adjust event prices based on specific dates and times.


Expert management support

If you need help creating your event, we will gladly assist you with items such as custom registration themes, segmenting activities and sessions for registration, set-up and configuring of event details, establishing a flexible pricing system using coupons and any other questions you may have!


Manage your entire event in one system!
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