Professional design options

Site Branding

  • Customizable designs
  • Over 200 professional layouts included (and counting!)
  • Event specific templates
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Instantly apply a theme with a single click
  • Upload logos and banners
  • Customize images
  • Pick between color-schemes amongst select themes
  • Alternate design themes without losing information
  • Mobile friendly registration

Hosting and Security

  • Complete data confidentiality
  • Never receive spam or appear on marketing e-mail lists
  • Safe payment processing

Additional Set-Up Support

  • Access to experienced ClearThunder professionals
  • Support areas include:
    • Professional registration
    • Professional design & branding
    • Set-up and event configuration
    • Flexible pricing system
    • Coupon and gift cards
    • Online payments
    • Online user guide for end users
    • Request a fully-custom design
  • Product updates and notices via e-mail
  • Support via phone or e-mail

Marketing tools

  • AddThis integration available
  • Connect to social promotion tools
  • "Share" button to post online
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

E-Mail Marketing

  • Create and send emails to one or multiple registrants
  • Customize recipient list based on events
  • Easily add colors, logos or images to highlight your brand
  • Customize your own template or use one of ours
  • Track email links
  • Custom email notifications

Tracking reports

Participant Lists

  • Rosters for volunteers and check-in
  • Team names
  • Event types
  • Registrant summary
  • Demographic summary

Immediate Data Exports

  • Download data to .CSV file for offline report
  • Export to PDFs
  • Transfer data to other applications

Custom Integrations

  • HyTek integration for swimming/track (timing)
  • Single sign-on (SSO) solutions

Real-Time Sales & Event Tracking

  • Custom reports based on your needs
  • Transaction reports
  • Accounting and revenue reports
  • Revenue and donation tracking
  • Wait-list functionality
  • Registrant summaries
  • Payment and sub-event details
  • Event specific commissioners
  • Admin permissions

Event management features

Automatic Limits & Restrictions

  • Form close dates – events become inactive automatically
  • Date and participant restrictions
  • Gender and age restrictions
  • Wait-list functionality

Online Waivers

  • Waiver requirement feature
  • Customize waiver and acceptance text
  • Waiver reminder
  • Cancellation and refund policies
  • Upload PDF waivers

Instant Confirmations

  • Completed registration e-mails
  • Custom invoice e-mails
  • Confirmation screen options

Personalize Online Accounts

  • User account profiles
  • Log-in to update profile
  • Edit registration via personal account
  • Password protected
  • Individual name badges

Simplified Team Management

  • Create and manage teams
  • Multiple event registration for teams
  • Roster and participant information
  • Placeholder accounts for missing team member

Registration Steps

  • Reliable information with simple steps
  • Customized data collection fields:
    • Text boxes
    • Drop-down lists
    • Check boxes
    • Italicized hint text
    • Mouse over help
    • Field limit for maximum length
    • Required/optional settings
    • Specific type fields
  • Return to previous pages
  • Information automatically saved
  • Step-by-Step progress bar
  • Detailed confirmation page

Easy Checkout

  • Payment processing directly through ClearThunder
  • integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Detailed summary of events and prices
  • View, update, and delete items
  • Add on donations
  • Add on processing fees
  • Apply coupon codes and gift cards
  • Total price automatically calculated
  • Administrators can easily override prices


  • Customize donation button text
  • Accept payments
  • Allow user specified amounts

Manage your entire event in one system!
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