Streamlining the Event
Registration Process


Customize and brand your
online event registration site


Control and personalize your
event registration details


Accept payments with secure
online payment processing


View and track participant or
financial reports in real time

Why Choose ClearThunder?

By choosing ClearThunder, you will not only simplify registration and increase event participation, but you will also receive support and assistance that is unsurpassed in this market.
ClearThunder is a product of Clarity Technology Group, Inc., a small technology company located in Madison, WI. Our company completely designed and developed this system to serve businesses and organizations. The computer and software support specialists at Clarity have years of on-site user support experience, giving them a huge advantage in understanding usability. 
Our network engineers and software support specialists are on-call and ready to help 24/7/365. Organizing an event is already stressful and challenging. We at Clarity are dedicated to making the event planning and the registration process easy so you have more time to focus on making your event successful and enjoyable. 
Additionally, Clarity is constantly advancing ClearThunder's services to better serve its customers. Advancements include enhancing the statistics and reporting capabilities, facility and travel information, transaction cancellations/refunds, online sign-up, site templates, and a variety of other features.
Please contact us to get started. The Clarity Team looks forward to working with your organization.